Topsy-Turvy food

4 Apr

So in last week’s Stylist Magazine there was a great article on a latest trend to be found on the menus in and around the UK at the moment – where food goes all Topsy-Turvy!!

There are Donut Burgers in Manchester – with two glazed doughnuts surrounding homemade burgers; Sweet Margarita pizzas in Mayfair – with strawberry coulis replacing the tomato puree and wild strawberries, mascarpone, torn basil and white chocolate shavings for your toppings; then there’s a special cupcake in Wrexham this month for St David’s Day which was leek, bacon and cheese flavour!

The one who we all look to for the weird and wacky take on food is Heston; the creator of the bacon and egg ice cream, calf brain custard and meat fruit. I mean really, how does he come up with these ideas…

IMG_9593Here at Purple Grape we’ve always looked at creating something interesting and break away from the norm.

At a recent event at Icetank Studios in Soho we served Caramelised banana tart with smoked bacon and maple syrup ice cream for breakfast which was a big hit with our guests!

Also in our new seasonal menus are some interesting dishes to challenge your senses too!

Banana spring rolls with chocolate sauce and coconut custard

Raspberry and lemon grass soup with raspberry jelly and Cornish ice cream

Smoked salmon, fennel cheesecake and beetroot summer pudding

What topsy-turvy foods have you been trying recently?