‘Tis almost the season to eat, drink and be very merry…

26 Sep

It’s almost time to Eat, Drink and be Merry…..
toffee apples


Although we are all still enjoying some warming weather the leaves are starting to turn on the tree as a sure sign that Autumn is on its way and it has got me thinking about what I love about the autumn and winter seasons…..

Now I’m sure you can imagine that most of this is going to be about food… It is my job after all but also my favourite and certainly the Purple Grape teams favourite thing. However, I do love the winter clothes and warm winter knits. And getting cosy in front of a crackling fire with some nice red wine….. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy at the thought.

Anyway let’s get to the part that we all want….. The chilly winter celebrations and the warm winter food that happen alongside them!

pumpkinFirstly, Halloween – 31st October – As a child I lived in a very small village, so never did the trick or treat “thang” but I’m looking forward to this year as I now live in a very nice area with lots of families around so I’ll be stocking up on treats and will most definitely be avoiding the tricks! The celebration makes me think of all naughty foods.  Sweets in all kinds of scary and ghostly shapes, cupcakes dressed like pumpkins, spiders, skulls and bats. But also a lovely Pumpkin pie, once you’ve spent hours carving to produce something that looks nothing like an evil face (that’s probably just my house).

And then Bonfire Night – aka Guy Fawkes Night – 5th  November –  Aside from the knits, ear muffs, bobble hats and a crackling bonfire here is a large list of all the food that gets me fantasising and wishing us into November –  sticky toffee apples, Hot dogs topped with crispy onions and mustard, Angus Beef Burgers, Hot Tomato soup with chunks of melting cheese, jacket Pots with Chilli & cheese and  Marshmallows and Chestnuts cooked over a firebonfire-night

For our American pals, Thanksgiving 27th November– Whenever I think of the Thanksgiving dinner I always think of that Friends episode. Them  playing American Football and the family traditions between Ross and Monica with “The Geller Cup”, Rachel making the desert but getting the pages stuck together and making half English trifle and half Shepherds pie!!!  Food consumed includes Roast Turkey, creamed potatoes, carrots, Pecan Pie, Maple glazed hotdogs, cornbread wedges and Pumpkin pie. What a great celebration to give thanks to all things good in our lives.

pig in blacketAnd Finally, Christmas 25th December –  Christmas Day for the Graham/Fleming family starts with a round of marmite toast followed by chocolate and then brunch of Smoked salmon, Scrambled Eggs, Bucks fizz and chocolate. Then around 4pm all the traditionals  including Prawn & avocado Cocktail with artisan bread, Roast Turkey,  pigs in blankets, Roast potatoes, brussels, carrots, parsnips, Yorkshire puds and loads of gravy followed by Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and Yule log with cream, ice cream, custard and brandy butter! (and breathe!) Oh and of course the token fruit salad so we can pretend that we are conscious of what we are eating! Then its nap time and obviously, more food (because we need it ) – Cheese, biscuits, pickled onions, Chocolate, chocolate, Chocolate….. Food induced coma! I can’t wait!mince pies

Well I am suitably excited about the coming months and I hope you are too! Happy Bonfire Night, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in advance!