The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake!

18 Sep

‘Candy Whisper’

So as you might already know it is National Cupcake Week, in our view at Purple Grape, one of the best weeks of the year! A whole week dedicated to delicious cupcakes, what could be better?!

In conjunction with cupcake week, Food Network UK held a pop-up event at one of our partner venues, Icetank, to show visitors the Top 10 Cupcake trends of Autumn/Winter 2013.

‘Red Romance’

The cupcakes have taken inspiration from the current Autumn/Winter fashion collections that are appearing this year, including monochrome, floral and animal print.  There was even a beautiful cupcake dress made out of 300 cupcakes and was worn for the event, proving that fashion and cupcakes could be fused together.

The showcase was produced by Wonderland Events and the amazingly beautiful fashion cupcakes were made by Rosalind Miller.  Her strapline is ‘Edible works of art’

Cupcake Dress and World’s Most Expensive Cupcake

and this is certainly true, you can’t imagine eating them but continuing to gaze on their beauty.

A big highlight was seeing ‘The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake’ behind a protective glass case, costing over £750 and made with Chateau d’Yquem (considered the world’s most outstanding wine), peach and champagne jam and is coated in 24-carat edible gold.

Mini Cupcakes

All these cupcakes were beautiful to look upon but weren’t for eating so Purple Grape provided some delicious cupcakes of their own so guests wouldn’t be tempted to sample the wonderful cupcakes on display.  Firstly there were moreish savoury cupcakes with tomato and feta, salmon and spinach and brezola and gorgonzola.  And to follow there was a selection of mini sweet cupcakes. Cupcake overload for the day done!