The Twelve Days of Christmas – A Purple Grape Special

30 Nov

True to word of last week’s blog I have popped along to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland to enjoy some roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and the winter market so now feel suitably ready to embrace the festive season. We even had a little rendition of the 12 days of Christmas here in the Purple Grape office just to prove that we could, although trying to remember the twelfth day seemed like a university challenge (its drummers drumming by the way).

This got me thinking of the things that Purple Grape has done this year to lead us up to our busy Christmas month. (With a little artistic license) I found they fit quite nicely into our own version of the song. Rather than writing out the whole song, we’ve started from twelve but sing in full for the full impact:


The Purple Grape Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Purple Grape gave to me:

Twelve months at Ripley’s

Eleven lovely lunch bags

Ten judges judging (at the ecat awards where we won silver)

Nine canapés cooking

Eight micro black pots

Seven street stalls serving

Six brides a-dancing

Five Macaroons

Four vintage teas

Three dinner parties

Two Wedding shows

A website that is easy to see


Its been quite a year, and of course our little song doesn’t quite take into account or do justice to everything that has gone on this year. From doing the theatre premier of Singing in the Rain and catering at the Objects of Desire live TV auction for SKY, to working with fantastic new venues (Icetank, Ripley’s, Tobacco Dock, Cable, Annie’s Bar to name a few) and some truly gorgeous weddings, all of us at Purple Grape have felt that this year has been the most exciting to date.

So this evening, over our mugs of mulled wine we raise a glass to you, our friends, colleagues and clients and say a big thank you for all your support throughout the year.

May your festive season be full of cheer!