The lonely asparagus….

13 Jun

Once again the Metro comes up trumps, with not only a recipe for asparagus served with hollandaise sauce and toasted sesame seeds, but also a love story about asparagus!

How can this be I hear you ask… Well it all began with a lonely wild female asparagus plant in Portland, Dorest, in 1997. This rare plant didn’t have any male plants near by that could pollinate it and thus use to reproduce, it was in serious danger of becoming extinct. Luckily in 2006 a male plant was found in Cornwall and botanists moved this asparagus Romeo 175 miles so that it could live next to the solitary female. Luckily they now have 11 flowering plants and the rare breed of wild asparagus has been saved.

In the words of Bryan Edwards, the ecological surveyor from Dorset Environmental Records Centre: ‘We brought up a Cornish boy to have a bit of fun with our Dorset girl and since then it has been a waiting game’. So far a happy ever after!! (article found in Metro published June 12, 2013)


With asparagus being in season, the best time to eat it is now. It is best to eat it as near to being picked as possible, this will keep the freshness and taste. Once you’ve bought it try to eat it on the day of purchase or at the very least the day after.

The asparagus is very much loved in our kitchen too, as you can see from our latest newsletter, and the chefs have incorporated this lovely ingredient in some of our new seasonal salad items which we can deliver to clients or as a fork buffet alternative. Here is one example;

Roasted salmon with asparagus, red chilli and borlotti beans with baby
spinach and lemon olive oil 

This salad has been very popular at our clients BBQ’s recently but the asparagus is equally as nice on the BBQ together with some nice chicken kebabs. Wow we are getting  hungry now… But not only is the asparagus salads popular but we have plenty of other salads and finger food options in our delivery range that would complement your BBQ nicely. If you would like to know more about our delivery range or lovely salads for your event please give us a call…

For Metro’s recipe for a lovely asparagus dish please follow the link below

Asparagus with toasted sesame seeds and hollandaise