Tasty Trends for 2013!

24 Jan

Purple Grape has a keen eye trained on the food trends that are emerging in the UK. Last year we saw a resurgence of traditional ‘home-made’ British food influenced by the national events of 2012. With favourites such as Victoria sponges, fish & chips or pie & mash being ordered like hot-cakes (pun intended!), the event catering industry followed suit and flew the red, white and blue in its own unique way.

In 2013, everything is being stripped right back to basics. Food festivals have highlighted some of the top taste trends to look for include popcorn, savoury fruit and…chicken.

In the past, chicken has had a bad press of being too dry, too tasteless, too boring. All that is changing this year, with new methods of cooking chicken resulting in tender juicy cuts that will melt in your mouth leaving you hampering for more.

London has not been slow to follow with an emergence of fine dining experiences designed solely around plump, free range, corn reared chickens. In the past few years, London food critics put their spot lights on restaurants such as Gaucho or Le Relais de Venise where you can go and enjoy a fine dining experience based entirely around one dish: steak. Now, the connoisseurs of the cuisine world are encouraging us to embrace the chicken as a superior dish this year.

With her finger firmly on pulse, Emily (director of Purple Grape) went to visit Clockjack Oven to see what all the fuss was about and came back reporting that she was very impressed by the deluxe chicken that the restaurant has to offer. Cooked to perfection, with a crunchy coating and buttermilk-soaked meat this new trend will delivery everything a foodie could ask for.

It’s not just the fine dining experiences that are doing well from this trend, but well known and less expensive establishments are also seeing a resurgence of visitors to their restaurants. Nando’s is going from strength to strength, with everybody tucking into their well-known spicy chicken, and are opening more chains across the UK (let alone the globe) than ever before.

And for those still torn between the beef vs chicken debate then how about a trip to the Tramshed in Shoreditch. The best of both worlds and I will be popping a visit into my diary very soon.