A swift change of scenery….

11 Feb


When a room or event space has been set up for a stunning dinner, it always seems such a shame to dismantle whatever’s been put in place as soon as the evening’s over. For this reason it’s always a joy when an event rolls over into the morning by way of breakfast. It means we all have a chance to see the room basked in natural light, offering a contrast to the candlelight that likely lit the room the evening before. It means the flowers get a second appearance before they’re binned whilst still in bloom, and it means we get to serve breakfast food. Brinner (that’s an amusing combination of ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’, by the way) is a key restaurant trend in 2015 and I for one can see why. Breakfast menus never fail to fill me with joy. The offerings of bacon and egg in a multitude of guises, pancakes coupled with syrupy deliciousness and moreish fruitful offerings all leaving me rather heady. I must eat it all, I think. Rather nice to think that now brinner is a thing I can do this is two separate sittings within the same day. So yes, we get to serve breakfast food. Great news.

On this occasion our guests were treated to a continuing theme of apple for Dr Hauschka and  an assiette of  Walnut and Apple waffles with maple syrup pot, Mushroom toastie of sourdough bread and chives, apple and cinnamon mini muffins and Handmade granola pots with apple and natural yogurt.


IMG_6012The other nice thing about these roll over events is that we often get to play with the room layout between the two meals. Take the Dr Hauschka event from the last blog for example.  Dinner was served to a rectangular table seating 26 people chatting over wines glasses glinting in candlelight. Removing all the guests in time for their slumber gave us opportunity to replace this set up with five round tables and smaller, less predominant centre pieces. You thought we were event designing caterers? Well, we do a nice side line in speedy redecoration too.