St Edmund Showcase – Wednesday 4th September 2013

30 Aug

So it’s been a busy week in the office for the Grape’s, especially with only 4 days to squeeze lots in! Not so many events on this week as everyone has been on their holiday but lots of quoting for events happening in the next few months.

Hopefully you’ve heard that we are doing the showcase for St Edmund in the City next Wednesday 4th September.  The venue was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was originally known as ‘The Banker’s Church’, it suffered aerial bombardment in both the First and Second World Wars but it has thankfully been restored back to a handsome Baroque masterpiece.

The showcase will allow guests to visualise this beautiful building for any number of different events, from weddings and parties to corporate functions.  Also to mention there is a hidden gem at the back in the shape of a beautiful courtyard garden.

If you would like to sample our festive canapes and join us for a glass of wine please do email or call on 020 8453 3310.  There are going to be two time slots, either around lunch time at 12.30pm or in the evening starting at 5.30pm.  When emailing please do let us know which time slot you would prefer.

Click on the link for the full invite September 4th – St Edmund in the City Showcase