A Spring in your step

21 Mar

So yesterday was the official first day of Spring – days are getting longer, blossoms are sprouting on the trees and the daffs are out – lovely

As you probably know Purple Grape are all about using fresh, seasonal ingredients in our creations – and so we love Spring when there are lots of yummy green things to be used.  Spring onions are this week’s food of the week and there are lots of others in season too.

Salmon Roulade

Salmon Roulade

Have a look at our sumptuous suggested dinner from our Spring menu – wonderful to celebrate the renewal of life this season:

Oak smoked wild salmon roulade with goat’s cheese beetroot jelly and mustard cress.

Asparagus, walnut and mushroom strata served with a vibrant heirloom tomato and spring onion salad, lime and meadow honey dressing.

Rhubarb and orange custard tart with honey and ginger ice cream

Our Duck Parfait Profiterole Flowers!

Our Duck Parfait Profiterole Flowers!

Why don’t you start off the dinner with a delicious cocktail, we’ve found a great one in ‘The Fashionable Cocktail’ by Jane Rocca:

First Spring

60ml (2 fl oz/‚ cup) gin

30ml (1 fl oz) fresh lime juice

25ml (• fl oz) grenadine

1 teaspoon sugar syrup

4 mint leaves and 1 cm (y in) slice of cucumber to garnish

Muddle and shake all the ingredients with ice and fine-strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with mint leaves and a slice of cucumber.

Should you want to find out more about our seasonal menus please download them here or contact us for more details.