Spring is sprung?

3 Mar

Spring! It’s on the way! I’ve not wanted to say anything before this point for fear of scaring it away but I finally feel confident in saying it’s now on the way and not going away.meadow

There have been clues and hints for a while now….gloves gradually getting un-glued from hands, glimmers of actual daylight outside of standard office hours, the faint sounds of birdsong and the sight of bare ankles between trouser and shoe. Spring brings with it so much promise, so much hope, so many opportunities to venture into the great outdoors…and so much great food (apologies, but find me a caterer who ISN’T obsessed with food – you won’t).

table 2This year Easter Sunday falls on April 5th and, for me, that is the highest point of Spring. Religious or not, Easter and the social occasions it brings – not least because of the long weekend – encompass everything that spring means to me. A reason to finally break out of wintery hibernation once and for all, and an excuse to see friends and family. Plus, it definitely doesn’t hurt that there’s chocolate involved.

One of my favourite childhood memories is of the annual Easter lunch, held in either ours or one of our neighbour’s gardens. Often involving a game of rounders and always involving a lot of fun, my memories aren’t too dissimilar to what you might see in and M & S advert. That said, I was definitely normally covered in a whole lot more mud (and chocolate) than the pristine M& S kids – much more fun that way.sping food 2

So, as Spring start starts to get going and thoughts move to gatherings in longer sunlight hours, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy spring 2015.

image taken from www.stylonica.com