Spotlight On…….Office Catering

26 Jan

At Purple Grape we’re a very can-do company, so whatever challenges you might be facing in your office catering we’ll work hard to overcome them!

Here, in the first of our monthly ‘spotlight on…’ blogs, we look at one of our current sites and how we’re keeping our clients fuelled and happy with tasty food in a restricting environment.

“It’s 7am on a January morning and I’m here to set up breakfast for our clients, getting their day off to the best start. I am used to the early starts but it’s cold, dark and raining (of course!) so nothing is happening today without a coffee! Luckily I know it will taste good because we chose the beans ourselves – just one of the delicious offerings picked out specifically to suit our clients’ needs – this is a global company so thanks to long working days and meetings at all hours thanks to time differences, coffee is as essential to them as it is to me.

We chose The Blue Bean Coffee Company as our supplier for this vital component because, not only do they do great tasting, fresh coffee beans, but the coffee is also roasted with zero carbon footprint and beans are all sourced from Rainforest Alliance sellers. They’re also extremely reliable, fast and helpful so we never have to worry about our supply, a lack of coffee could be disastrous!


Caffeine in hand. It’s down to work…….


Breakfast starts at 8am so everything needs to be ready to go by then, there are already a few people wandering in for a coffee (see – essential!) and sometimes grabbing a croissant or Danish pastry since they’ve already been dropped off by our driver. Soon enough everything is set up and we’re just waiting for everyone to flood in Breakfast is buffet style and our clients can help themselves to a range of cereals, porridge, pastries, yoghurt, fruit, toast…. You get the picture! Were it a Friday there would be the added option of sausages, eggs and beans- perfect for those who’ve indulged in a few too many post-work drinks on the Thursday.

Once breakfast has finished, it’s time to start getting everything ready for lunch! Our clients want to offer their employees filling and healthy meals to carry them through their working day, without the problems that can be caused by having to join a long lunch queue when you really only have half an hour to spare! The other consideration (and main obstacle we face here as caterers) is the restriction placed on the building – we can’t have any ovens on site.

A selection  of our boxed lunches

A selection of our boxed lunches

We put the problem to our chefs and they went off to the kitchen and created a whole range of boxed lunches designed to be enjoyed either cold or heated up in the microwave. So right now, on these cold, dull days when the thought of traipsing out to find food is a real chore, the employees here are enjoying ‘winter garden vegetables roasted with heather honey and garlic, topped with parsley crumbs’ or ‘Couscous paella style seafood salad with sea asparagus and salmon pearls’ – not what you usually think of when you imagine office catering I bet! With a menu that changes daily, on a three week rotation offering a fish, meat and veggie option each day along with a changing selection of sandwiches, rolls and baguettes – think how long you could go without ever having to eat the same thing twice! Add to this our latest offering, hot soup for the winter (which changes through the week) and everyone is almost spoilt for choice….and did I mention that, in keeping with our passion for using seasonal ingredients, these boxed lunch menus change seasonally too?

PropercornThis company really likes to take care of its employees so we also provide afternoon snacks as a pick-me-up when they hit that tired point between lunch and home. Fruit is popular with the gym bunnies and we try to keep everything pretty healthy – popcorn is probably the most indulgent thing and since we use Propercorn (each pack comes in at under 130 kcals and is made with GM free corn), even that is a relatively guilt free treat! There are also soft drinks available throughout the day and, along with a small selection of cans, we’ve chosen Belvoir cordials which come in delicious flavours….and lots of them so if we find that one’s not being enjoyed we can change them over.

We adapt with our clients, so we welcome feedback and, for us, it’s important that we always have a presence on site to hear it! We want to know what’s working and what’s not – if there’s something that’s not so popular we want to know why and how we can improve it, this is a very interactive kind of catering, we all enjoy food and we want to share that love with the people we cater for.”

If you’d like any information on our office catering and how we can make yours great, contact the team on 020 8453 3310 and see what we can do for you!

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