The Weird and Wonderful World of Purple Grape

20 Jul

Sometimes we get an event through that makes us sit back and smile with glee. One such event came through from one of the venues we work with, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum of Oddities , who gave us a very free reign to be as creative as possible and provide canapés  and bowl foods, for the monthly LondonLaunch networking event,  to match the weird and wonderful delights to be seen.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Ripley’s, it’s well worth a visit. From the moment you step into the museum, your eyes feast themselves upon marvels that have to be seen to be believed – you can measure yourself against Wadlow – the world’s tallest man to have lived, see the collection of perfectly preserved shrunken heads, or take a trip through the mind boggling mirror maze. Every inch of the 5 floor museum has been filled with intriguing artefacts, some a little harder to find than others, such as the Last Supper depicted onto a single grain of rice – keep searching, it’s there!

At the last LondonLaunch, guests meandered their way down from the top floor taking in the sites all the while being treated to the Purple Grape food creations to match what they were looking at. We tempted guests with canapés such as Junk Duck (quails eggs marinated in a selection of flavourings and dipped into celery salt) or Fur bearing trout (“vol au vents” filled with a smoked duck parfait and garnished with peppered pineapple) while they looked around the fifth floor.

As they moved down to the next floor guests could sample Draculas Cape in the Dungeon area (Bloody Mary Jellies topped with crayfish and cilantro, served in mini jam jars). Then onto the beauty section surrounded by flowing water and beautiful deep blue tiles, the guests were encouraged to take mini tubes of toothpaste, only to find that the toothpaste had been replaced with baba ganoush, and after selecting a sea salt crostini and basil infused blue cheese mouse, could build their own canapés by squeezing out the ‘toothpaste’.

In the main room on the third floor, guests could try a variety of bowl foods and finger foods such as the ‘shrunken heads’ (Moroccan Lamb or halloumi mini burgers) or ‘Walter Hudsons’ (3-cheese Macaroni pie served with red peppers and drizzled basil oil). All washed down with refreshing ice cold (courtesy of Eskimo Ice) glasses of Pineapple and raspberry Bellini’s, served in beautiful vintage tea cups, supplied by the fabulous What a Fab party! or Virgin Mojitos served in glassware from the brilliant Allens Equipment Hire.

We can’t wait for the next event at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and the chance to come up with some equally creative and mind boggling food to match the fun and unique atmosphere of the museum. If you were with us at the LondonLaunch event, let us know what you thought of our creations and we really hope to see you again soon!