For Pie Lovers Everywhere

7 Mar

IMG_7666 So its celebration time as its National Pie Week!  This Great British classic is much loved all over the globe and has been around for centuries.  In fact it can be traced back to ancient civilisations in its very basic form – it was more of a pastry with fruit and nuts back then, not quite what we know of pies today.

It’s thought that it was the Ancient Greeks who completely reinvented the pastry based pie, then the Romans took the idea back to Rome with them and adapted it.  We tend to think of pies as British because they have become a tradition over the years, they were especially mentioned during medieval times. This was more just to keep the ingredients together to cook them and the pastry part might not actually have been eaten! Wouldn’t catch us leaving that lovely pastry!

pie and spoonsThese days there are many popular types of pies with lots of different fillings – here at Purple Grape we have seen that it has become a really popular choice for weddings this year, as well as a classic for our British themed food stalls at events.  Some of our tasty fillings include:

Beef and ale

Chicken and Ham with leek and thyme

Goat’s cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion


Chicken, bacon and tarragon

Beef steak and Irish stout

Venison, bacon, red wine and puy lentil

Chicken and mushroom

Mushroom, asparagus, white wine and cream

If you want to talk to us about how we can incorporate our tasty pies at your next event then do give us a call…