A peek behind closed blinds

24 Feb

I’ve come to the conclusion that those working in the events industry have several many privileges, but the one that I’m growing to love the most is the behind-the-scenes of London viewpoint. Ever wondered what your favourite gallery or venue looks like when it’s not dressed up and filled with people? No? Okay, to be honest I hadn’t either until recently…..but then I started to visit London’s spectacular array of venues when they were empty and undressed and it actually kind of blew me away.

dangler Take the Village Underground in Shoreditch – I attended a prohibition themed night there a while back and was so impressed with the place at the time that I filled up most of my phone memory with photographs of the night, none of which really did it justice. I was so impressed then but on my return I was shown around by the lovely Laura and Dermot and, surprisingly, I was just as impressed on viewing the empty venue. There was something quite tranquil about standing in the middle of the vast space, admiring the beautiful brick wall in relative silence, and knowing that I was one of a small number of people to have done just that. Now don’t get we wrong, I’m working for an events caterer because I love the way design, food and music can transform a space, but on seeing the empty Village Underground, I realised that it’s quite  privilege to see the space, well, naked. Few people will. I also got to visit the Village Underground offices, which, for me, was quite a coo. I’ve long looked up at the decommissioned and painted tube carriages that appear on the roofs of Holywell Lane. I never knew they were a combination of offices and artistic hubs until Laura and Dermot showed past the impressive herb garden and into their very own tube carriage. Novel and fun – very Shoreditch.

village undergroundTobacco Dock in Wapping is another brilliant blank canvas I’ve seen in the nude. Originally East London’s first shopping mall, my favourite part of this venue is the old pub. Walking in there feels like stepping back in time, and doing so on your own makes you feel like you’ve walked into an out-of-hours set of Cheers.

15 Bateman Street and Ice Tank amazed me with their versatility whilst The Box delighted me with its hide and seek potential. Warning: anyone playing aforementioned game in this venue should take snacks – it will be a long game! Had I of first visited on a night out I’d have never noticed the intricacies of the distressed wallpaper, or the just how much it made me feel like I was inside the Moulin Rouge. I would have got very lost though.ice t

I’d say something like ‘next time you’re in a venue, look around and imagine it bare’ but I guess what blew me away so much was realising just how impossible that is to do. Plus, you’ll probably be having too much fun to remember to anyway…