Part deux…

22 Jan

My first event as part of team Purple Grape has been and gone so I’m back in the office and back to my desk. Sadly I forgot to reset my alarm so I actually woke up at exactly the same earlier time as yesterday. No bad thing – I’m now more up to date with my washing than I’ve been since, well, when my mum was doing it back in the day. Oh, they were the good days.

The girls

So, back to my desk and back to emails. I’m acutely aware that I’m somewhat out of (interesting) words today. You won’t be surprised to hear that working within events, and especially where showcase days are involved, is very social. Lots of energy and lots of lovely, interesting people to talk to whilst working.  It makes for a fun day of idea packed conversation. Today I learn that I require a small recharging period before my vocabulary feels the desire to return back to me.


This is rare moment of quiet as I’ve always been considered a chatter box. I hope the Purple Grape girls enjoy the relative silence form my corner of the office whilst they get the chance. School reports always contained something along the lines of ‘must stop talking in class.’ I remember my poor English teacher telling me that, so often did he have to write that sentence, he’d made it a personal mission to find a different way to say it in every report. I chose to not read my reports close enough to ever find out if he succeeded.

Velvet Living

So, to the cause of the quiet: yesterday’s event. The daytime showcase went off without a hitch. Ice Tank looked stunning, our food and drink went down a storm, OBVIOUSLY, and I felt like we were inside Alice’s Wonderland for a good portion of the day. This might have been a visual effect from the beautiful crockery and glassware from Allens Equipment Hire, floating around the room in the hands of everyone there. It might also have been because most people spent the daytime wearing flower crowns courtesy of the Wild About Flowers station (I stole mine from someone much more skillful at making them – thanks go to Anneli Marinovich of Anneli M Photo). A third possible explanation is that I accidentally spent most of the day wearing half a tube of glitter, clumsily spilt on myself whilst making a card at The Paper Girls crafty station. Renewed respect to stationers everywhere; I cannot craft – it’s harder than it looks! As a side note, I’m still wearing most of the glitter today. I thought someone was falling in love with me on the tube this morning, such was the strength of their stare, until they leaned over and announced ‘got summat on yer nose, love.’ For the record, I have showered twice in the period between leaving the event and returning to the office. Like I said: renewed respect for stationers.


dj boothGlitter spilt, headdress on and bellies full: the daytime event had finished. It was then time to transform Ice Tank into an evening venue. The team made light work of this task and soon the room was reset complete with bar and DJ desk. I know it’s a really naff one but the word ‘funky’ really came to mind. Good work Ice Tank, Light Motif and Velvet Living! Eyeing up Velvet Living’s appropriately velvet sofas, I took the time before the evening’s 6pm start time as an opportunity to sit down and write part one of this blog post. If you’ve got this far without reading the previous blog then, well, you’ve missed out. Go back and read the previous one first, silly.


6pm came round just as I finished typing (phew). To be honest, I’d had to move from the sumptuous sofa to one of the sleek tables in the area
downstairs (also Velvet Living – name check!) to maintain typing speed. Happy with this tick on my to-do list, I headed over to the kitchen where Freddie was back and prepping the night’s canapés whilst Emily prepped the bar and waiting staff. Whiskey Juleps and Cornish crab bruleés at the ready – its go time.


Unsurprisingly the evening also went down a storm. Everyone arrived, everyone admired, everyone ate and drank, and Amelia from Ice Tank wore a skirt I’m still lusting after. I’ve also developed a rather severe addiction to our beef carpaccio with manchego canapés. Oh dear. Still, I could get used to this! I rather like being involved in such a success. Roll on the next event.