Off with a bang!

5 Nov

As if you didn’t already know it’s Fireworks night tonight, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night, there have already been lots of different celebrations going on the past weekend and I’m sure there will be many more this week and this coming weekend.

As most of you know this celebration is due to an event occurring on this day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives.  The explosives were under the House of Lords and were due to murder King James I.  In celebration that their King hadn’t met his untimely death people all around London lit bonfires and rejoiced. A few months later an enforced public day of thanksgiving was put in place to commemorate it.

It has progressed through the many years since it started, and it would definitely take too long to go through the development of the politics and religion associated with this night in this short blog! But nowadays celebrations are run in public locations by charities and other organisations, normally with a paid commission or controlled access.  There are wonderful fireworks that light up the nights sky and a huge bonfire to stand around and keep warm.  Not to mention there is normally delicious food available too, or at least some warm nuts, popcorn or toffee apples.

Sweet chilli glazed mushroom red onion and pineapple brochette on spicy rice

If you’re off to a fireworks celebration this weekend and want to supply some delicious meals for your group when you get back then why not try our delicious black pot range.  Freshly made meals that just need heating up for a few minutes – like Daube of braised beef with root vegetables and horseradish dumplings  or Billingsgate fish pie topped with creamed dill potatoes and vintage cheddar.  Simply yummy!

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