ocado’s Christmas In July

17 Jul


Last week saw Purple Grape working with ocado for their Christmas in July event at the Violin Factory.  The venue was featured on the Channel 4’s Grand Designs and took several years to develop.  It used to be a rundown factory building, tucked in behind Waterloo, and now has an open plan kitchen alongside the dining room.  Many celebrity chefs have also worked there since it opened including Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Aldo Zilli.

Our chefs, normally hidden from view in our kitchen, were on full show for ocado’s guests creating  canapés in front of their eyes.  Having been given a list of fabulous ingredients from ocado, our Director Freddie created sumptuous canapés specifically for their event.

Guests were treated to delicious canapés like Fagatini of Breasola Mascarpone and fig, Grottin de chevre, cranberry and cress salad, Wild Waters smoked salmon on buckwheat blini and topped with crème fraiche and the signature ocado fillet of beef with béarnaise on a potato crisp.

By searching on twitter for #ocadoxmasdelivered you can see some photos and even a video of our chefs that were taken by ocado! We also created recipes for 3 of the canapés served and if you would like to get your hands on these just get in touch with us and we will send on over – allowing you to recreate your own from ocado’s ingredients.