New delivery site lifts off

19 Feb

I thought I knew the finer points of finger food…but that was before we started designing our fabulous new delivery micro site.rocket Suddenly the complexities of sandwich packing and Perspex platters became a new area of concern, and I’m sure I’ll never read a menu again without wondering how long it took to decide on its order. However, all the effort was definitely worth it as the glossy new site opened for business last week and we couldn’t be prouder of it. Special thanks go to the guys at Six Red Squares for providing all the fun graphics and making it all work. Although there’s talents abound in the Purple Grape office, it’s fair to say that coding and computer programming is not among them. I’m not even sure I’ve just referenced the right words.

Deliveries have always been a part of our repertoire but now the menus are streamlined and the ordering process really couldn’t be easier. As it says on the site, we think a monkey could do it. That’s not an entirely tested theory but we’re confident enough to recommend you go ahead and place an order to find out for yourselves.

canapesOrders from the new site have been flying out already and the food’s getting brilliant feedback. The concept here is pretty simple – it’s our usual standard of high quality food, just without us there in person. In my opinion that’s really your loss but then you probably didn’t want us sitting in on that board meeting anyway. The good news is that you’ll get to meet one of the guys from Greenplanet Logistics when they drop off your order. Most likely to be Ed or Danny, we’re confident they’ll add an element of happy to your day. trainteacup

That’s it really, which I guess is the point of the new delivery site: zero fuss but brilliant service. You’re done reading now so I suggest you click on the link and get ordering….