Mince Pie Wars!

22 Nov

Mince pie and custard

The temperatures have really turned recently and we all know what that means – Christmas is on its way! This is the time of year when we definitely eat more than we should – mainly to keep our internal body temperatures up so we can fight off the cold (well that’s what I tell myself anyway!).

Asda’s Extra Special

One of the great treats this time of year is the mince pie.  It can be a bit of a marmite situation as some say they love and some say they can’t stand them, very rarely do you hear of people who can take them or leave them.  I personally am a huge fan of mince pies – don’t leave a plate near me and then walk away, they’ll be gone in an instant.

Becca’s homemade

But where do you get the best ones from?  Here in the Purple Grape office we are running a taste test as I’m sure many of you are. So far we have tried Tesco’s finest range and Asda’s Extra Special range.  I personally still think homemade is the best but I’ll have to get baking this weekend to prove that to the rest of the Purple Grape team.

Tesco’s although the pastry was lovely and buttery, and there was the perfect amount of filling to pastry ratio it didn’t quite have the wow factor we are looking for.  Asda’s pastry is a little soft but the filling is more moist and a lot tastier (perhaps because its got a higher proportion of port and brandy!), a lovely decoration of a snowflake on top too. So far Asda is the winner, although we have a few more to trial yet.

Brandy butter

Then you have the discussion of what do you put on your mince pie; pouring cream, whipped cream, clotted cream, custard, brandy butter or ice cream, or a combination of the lot?! Do you have it hot or cold? In the office we are having it cold and without any accompaniments so that we get full raw flavour of the mince pie on its own.  I would normally love it hot with some pouring cream, Kate loves hers with brandy butter, Becca and Emily like theirs plain and served cold.  And Cecilia, well, she’s Swedish so she doesn’t like them but she typically serves saffron buns at this time of

Cecilia’s saffron bun

year, which apparently are just as nice! She’s going to be making some for us in the next few weeks so we’ll let you know the verdict!

There are still quite a few to try so hopefully we will find the perfect one… let us know your thoughts  on the perfect mince pie via twitter to @purplegrapeteam and #mincepiewars.