Lucy’s first Event…..

22 Jan

It’s Wednesday 21st January, it’s cold freezing outside and today marks my first event as part of team Purple Grape. Rather appropriately it’s being held at a venue called Ice Tank and I arrive excited having seen pictures of the venue in advance. You could describe it as a chic blank canvas. I briefly consider that I too could, perhaps, be described as such given my newbie status. However, one look in the mirror tells me otherwise…..I’m sure I’ll get used to the slightly earlier starts but until then there’s coffee. And decidedly un-chic blurry eyes.showcase1


hanging flowersSo I arrive, coffee in hand and concealer in pocket, and am immediately hit by a wall of gloriously fresh flower scent. Wild About Flowers have been here an hour already and their stunning hanging flower display is well underway. I’m impressed.


Heading downstairs Emily shows me the prep and kitchen areas. All things down here are quiet – there’s a few Ice Tank staff milling around but a peaceful calm resides. Just as I’m wondering what to do with myself everyone arrives. Everyone with everything. Our food and drink is here and the other companies involved in the showcase walk in. The Paper Girls arrive ready to showcase their skills at making invitations and place cards etc. They’re carrying glitter and glue. I feel like we’ll be friends. The girls from Light Motif arrive and there is ENERGY. These girls are full of beans and it’s infectious. Suddenly everyone’s running up and down stairs, getting everything set up and tweeting. Lots of tweeting. Hashtags everywhere. Having come from a much more corporate environment where using your phone at work, even during an event, was definitely a no go, it’s odd to see everyone actively encouraging the use of social media. I’m not sure my fingers are up to speed just yet but I’ll get there. It’s fair to say I’ve had some practice in my own time.



Back to set up and Andrea from Andrea Hawkes Bridal is here with pretty wedding dresses. Pretty pretty.  I find myself momentarily distracted by a particularly nice silk number but am brought back to full mental capacity as the guys from Mega Booth brush past with props for their photo booth. It would be easy to think that I’ve done no work up to this point but actually I have – honest – and we’re fully set up too. Canapés, drinks and demo desk are ready to go. I’ll be showing people how to make our delicious goat’s cheese truffles with spicy beetroot gazpacho pipette whilst other canapé options will be whizzing around the venue on the arm of our waiters and waitresses. I suspect the waiters and waitresses will be popular with the crowd – the food looks, as ever, incredible.


canape master classSo, everything is set, I’m ready and up to speed, and the running has stopped. There is calm. This is handy because its five minutes to 11 and the event starts at 11. Probably about time to sign off then. See you on the other side. Eeeeeeek