It’s not just a delivery – it’s a Purple Grape delivery!

24 Aug

Purple Grape’s chefs, Freddie and Andy, have been really busy over the last few months, testing out new recipes, creating new menus and changing the way in which we provide our food to our clients. Over the past year, we have seen a remarkable increase in the number of clients who wish to use our delivery services. We were once mainly known for our creative and original event services and whilst this is still true, Purple Grape is now also recognised for its high quality food delivery service.

It all started with the canapés. Freddie and Andy developed our event canapés into ones that could be easily transported and sent to clients ‘ready-made’. These canapés are gourmet, beautiful and so tasty, bringing fresh, tempting bites into the offices and homes of our clients. Try the sesame seared tuna with a wasabi and pink ginger salad on a coconut rice triangle – you’ll definitely be back for seconds. When popping into the kitchen whilst the chefs are preparing a delivery order, I am amazed not only by the delicacy involved for producing the canapés but also by the speed in which they work, with each canapé made to perfection. I gave it a go for a day and whilst the chefs humoured my slow efforts and assured me that I had done an excellent job, I knew it wasn’t scratch on what they do. For every canapé I made, they had made four!

From here, they looked into providing bigger morsels – the finger foods. These are not justordinary finger foods either. The chefs constructed a delivery menu that meant clients could choose fresh, juicy and exciting items (such as the king prawns marinated in sweet chilli sauce sent with a sour cream dip) rather than the just breaded or pastry items that are often associated with finger foods.

Clients then started asking us about sandwiches. Upon discussing this with the chefs it was determined that our sandwiches should match our canapés and finger foods in terms of creativeness – so they couldn’t be any type of sandwich but had to reflect Purple Grape’s fun, vibrant and high quality style. From here, our platters of gourmet sandwiches and finger foods were born – perfect for a birthday party finger buffet or a board meeting lunch. Triangles of British chicken marinated in pesto on freshly baked olive bread or crayfish tails with a zingy lemon mayo on soft oatmeal are pretty hard to resist; they look so bright and fresh on their platters and all the client has to do is lift off the lid.

We started looking into other forms of delivery and seeing what else our clients may need. It soon emerged that companies like to provide meals for their staff and if they didn’t have in-house catering the only other option was to go to the local shops for ready meals. The chefs’ solution to this was our black pot luxury meals, where we send down a quantity of individually filled pots for the staff to heat up at their leisure and eat when they wanted to. These pots are proving a great success and have also been fantastic option for feeding crew during a long event. We do weekly deliveries of the black pots and the whole office looks forward to Friday where we also get to try the meal of the day. Today is Cantonese Char siu boneless pork with prawn and egg fried rice.

It’s great when a client is able to get the Purple Grape team in to run their event and provide them with delicious food. We are realistic though and appreciate that not everyone’s budgets stretch to having the full event managed service. This is why the deliveries are so useful – the clients get the same delicious, high quality food and all they need to do is lift off the lids.

I know the chefs have plenty more delivery ideas that they are covertly working on so for now I am waiting excitedly to see what is going to come out of kitchens next.