Happy Haunting….

1 Nov

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope you aren’t suffering too much today from an awesome Halloween party last night, or if you’ve still got a party to come this weekend I hope it’s a good one.  Are you planning on dressing up? I don’t think you’re really ever too old to dress up, it’s still lots of fun no matter what age you are!

There are so many different accounts of what Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve as it is sometimes called, actually means or how it started.  The accounts vary depending on country and culture as well.  It seems to be similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, which is held at the same time of year, where it is a time for remembering the dead.  This seems to be where all the images of skeletons have come from.

But it also has a lot to do with harvest time as well.  That is why toffee apples are prevalent at Halloween as they would have been harvested just before.  Everyone loves some pumpkin carving too at Halloween, here is my attempt! Apparently in Ireland and Scotland they used to carve turnips instead.

Pumpkins are not only great for carving but also for eating, especially when they are in season between September to December. Becca showed me a great recipe she found on the BBC website for Sausage, Pumpkin and Sage Casserole.  This is also a great way to do savoury Halloween food, there is so much themed Halloween food out there but unfortunately the majority of it is sugar based!  Fine if you’re a little one but as adults we don’t always want all that sweetness.

I had a look around and Martha Stewart has some great recipes.  Like trying to make some Scaredy Crackers or getting creative with sandwiches to create Pimento Cheese and Pumpernickel sandwiches in the shape of bats.  One of them, Slime Bog Balls, reminds me of our goats cheese lollipops.  We’ve also used different coloured toppings to create different effects.

I’m sure there are all sorts of different ways you can create spooky savoury treats for your party, and of course you can add some sweet treats in there as well, great for both children and adults!

Have a great Halloween weekend!