Happy Bonfire Night from Purple Grape

5 Nov

We hope you have some explosive plans for Guy Fawkes tonight! You probably didn’t realise that until 1959 it was actually illegal to not celebrate Bonfire Night in Britain…IMG_6312

On the 5th of November 1605 bonfires were lit to celebrate the safety of the King, following the capture of Guy Fawkes and spoiling of a plot to blow up Parliament which would have killed King James I.

With today’s tradition of huddling around crackling fires, watching the sky light up with fireworks, and writing your name in the cold, evening air with a sparkler, comes plenty of warming, satisfying food and drink. Personally, whilst I’m “oooh-ing” and “aahhh-ing”, I make sure I’m holding a nice hot cup of mulled cider – because it’s that little bit too early for mulled wine. I recommend that you pack yours with root ginger, cloves, cinnamon, honey and orange. This will definitely keep those winter chills at bay.

platterFrom here you can understand the importance of finger food. Whilst you’re toasting a hand against your drink, it’s just too difficult to hold onto a plate or cutlery and eat at the same time. Canapés and finger food are simply the ideal gone-in-one solution for an enjoyable yet fuss-free Bonfire Night. With temperatures dropping, make sure you tempt your guests with some hot ones. We know that we’ll be serving our hot Pumpkin and Chestnut Arancini, Mini pigs in blankets with  grain mustard and honey, and festive Orange and Cinnamon cured Salmon with a Beetroot Jam.

As well as providing event catering, we actually have a Delivery service where we send fabulous food straight to your door. If you are looking for some modern and fresh party catering this winter without being stuck in the kitchen, please have a look at our enjoyable menus on the website – http://purplegrapecatering.co.uk/deliveries/