Fun In The Office!

12 Aug

So as you’ve probably seen we’ve been fairly busy with weddings and events, which is good as that’s what we’re all about! It’s what we enjoy doing and like to have fun doing it as well.  We also like to have fun outside the office with our colleagues.

Cecilia and Ed (Green Planet)

Recently we had a ping pong tournament with our logistics partners Green Planet.  It was lots of fun and did get a little heated in the finals! Apparently some of us are quite competitive!  Cecilia arranged everything for us and even sorted out runner up prizes and winner trophies too! We’re thinking that it should be a bi-annual competition; I’m hoping to get in some practice before our next one so that I can possibly rise up from the lower ranks!

Being quite busy in the office as well, and I’m sure you are all guilty of the same from time to time, we don’t actually sit down properly and have our lunch away from our desks. Lunch is normally eaten at our desks while we get on with some work or occasionally a bit of Facebook or Twitter checking. Now we have started doing a weekly lunch for the office where one day a week we all sit down and eat together away from our desks.  We’re going to be taking it in turns, last week was Cecilia’s turn and she made us delicious beef koftas with tsatziki, sweet potato chips and green beans.  It was absolutely delicious!

This week is Kate’s turn and I hear that she is doing a gluten-free quiche with home-made gluten-free sun-dried tomato bread with salad, we can’t wait!  Now I just have to think about what I’ll be cooking for my fellow colleagues…