Easter Eggstravaganza……

17 Apr

10168102_10151989082716965_1597677579422092914_nSo it’s that time of year again where we can gorge ourselves on copious amounts of chocolate and cake – Easter! We look forward to the two 4 day weeks that we get back to back and then wonder how we’re going to fit everything in that short time….

But enough worry back to the chocolate, much more interesting. I’m sure we all know the history behind Easter and it’s religious background, but did you know that eggs in many cultures symbolise fertility and rebirth, which is very apt in springtime. Hopefully all of you remember a time at school when you decorated eggs with paint. did you also manage to get the egg out easily by blowing through the little hole, always ended up everywhere but was lots of fun!

Now we get chocolate Easter eggs which are fantastic – another excuse to eat more. And who could forget the cute Easter Bunny who delivers them! Its first appearance was in 1682 when a reference was made to the German tradition of the Easter hare bringing eggs to the children. He (she?) also judged whether or not children had been good or bad a lot like Santa, although without the full suit and beard. He also bought coloured eggs, candy and someone’s toys to the children homes.

Here in the office we’ve been debating what we’d like the Easter Bunny to deliver – we’ve even found a giant solid Belgium chocolate egg!! I think if we received that we might have a chocolate melt down….

We hope the Easter bunny hops by your house this weekend and you have a fun time with your friends and family (fingers crossed for the weather).

Happy Easter all!