Dinner Party Prep

5 Feb

Want to know what goes on just before you turn up to a stylish dinner event? The answer: quite a lot. It was about a week ago now that I first arrived in the doorway of 15 Bateman Street’s gallery come event space. Comprising of four interconnecting rooms, this is a beautifully barefaced place. One look at their Instagram feed tells me that it’s worn many disguises and costumes. The possibilities are seemingly endless. On this occasion we’re here for a Dr Hauschka PR event and the brief is pretty, pink and apple-y. In case you’re wondering about the latter part of this brief: Dr Hauschka are launching a new night serum containing apple extracts (yeah, best google it, I did). Dr H

The florists are already hard at work when I arrive. Actually, they’re pretty much done. They’ve transformed a humble column into an apple blossom tree, as one does. I mean, an indoor tree hasn’t ever made the top of my ‘lust list’ before but I think it just did. Apologies to Ryan Gosling who’s held the top for a while only to be beaten by a tree, but in my defence I never actually said I wasn’t fickle.

Anyway, back to the now transforming room and it’s not long before our kitchen equipment, linen, crockery, glasses, cutlery, chairs and tables arrive (note to self: don’t become an equipment hire removal guy unless gravity stops happening). Next job involves clothing and laying the table – this really is an art form. Next time you walk into a room with a beautifully dressed table, consider that it probably has about 8 cloths artfully draped over it, even if it’s only moderately big. The irony Dr H 2here is that some of those are there just so that you won’t notice how many there are. Personally, I’ve realised that every one of those cloths is worth it because there’s soon one beautifully set table standing in front of me. Candles and bowls of apples are scattered throughout the room and Dr Hauschka products are placed on plinths now bearing banded vinyl. The busy PR girls are making sure no one is confused as to why they’re here. There are monogrammed silk eye masks, branded story books, goodie bags and samples galore. Ah, to be a wined and dined beauty editor!

Dinner time is now looming and food prep is well underway when the wait staff arrive. There are now 8 friendly faces awaiting instruction and brief. All eyes are soon drawn to my ‘artistic’ interpretation of the seating plan. You’d think that drawing out a rectangular table plan would be easy enough but I might have missed that art class. The important bit is that we’re up to speed on dietary requirements who needs what. Wait staff briefed, table ready and chef now flying – time for guests to arrive. DR H 3