Something different for Christmas dinner

6 Dec

Every year, as countless people do, my housemates and I chat over what we’re going to cook for our pre-Christmas dinner before we all head off in different directions to spend the actual day with our families. We take it as a given that on Christmas day there will probably be a turkey (or at least a crown) to keep the traditionalists happy, most likely some beef and occassionaly some goose. With this in mind, in our flat we like to have something a little different for fear we will start looking like turkeys if we eat too much of it. Nobody wants a wattle!


So this year, whilst getting canapés ready for one of our early December events, I chatted this over with Purple Grape’s head chef, Andy and debated the preference of beef over gammon for a Christmas style dinner. We continued with the canapé service and I put all thoughts of my dinner out my mind.


“Duck!” He exclaimed. I ducked, looking around alarmed for fear of hot trays passing over my head. “No, duck. For your Christmas dinner? You could do coco-cola duck. It’s a bit different, very tasty and really easy to make. Now, here’s my recipe…”


So Andy has given me the Purple Grape Coca-cola duck recipe and I think that it’s such a lovely variation to the traditional Christmas choices that I had to share it with you (with his consent of course).


Andy’s Coca-cola duck


1 Duck

1 Litre bottle of coke (full fat only, it won’t work with diet or zero!)

1 bottle of light soy sauce

Serve with sautéed bok-choi, grilled pineapple and steamed rice (but will go nicely with traditional trimmings if you prefer)


1) Find a thick bottomed pot that the duck will fit into snuggly.

2) Pour over the coke and soy sauce and cover with a lid.

3) Put the pot over a medium heat to boil and bubble for about an hour and half. Andy said it sometimes takes longer. After about an hour, keep checking it every 10 minutes or so. You want the liquid to have become thick and glossy. Do taste test this as well. Too long, and the coke will burn and become bitter.

4) Take the duck out the pot and keep the sauce. Put the duck on a serving plate and flake the flesh and skin up. It will be lovely and tender and will fall off the bone like butter off a hot knife.

Serving suggestion: make a bed of fluffy rice crowned with the bok-choi and pineapple. Arrange the duck on top of this and drizzle the thick sauce over the top.



I’ll be making this next week and will tweet my pictures of our dinner. We’d love to see what you make for your Christmas dinner (be it this recipe or your own lovely creations). Take a picture and post it on twitter with #purplegrapechristmas