The Day of Love!

14 Feb

We all remember making our own Valentine’s day card at school and giving it to someone in our class – those were the days when things were slightly simpler.  Now it involves cards, presents, flowers, chocolates and even a special night out… plus you need to make sure you get it right for that special person!

From some research (i.e. Wikipedia) Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers who had been forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians who had been persecuted under the Roman Empire.  But it wasn’t until the 18th Century when it flourished into what it resembles today with lovers sending ‘valentines’ to each other (greeting cards) and also flowers and chocolates.  The cards had the traditional heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid, and then the 19th Century brought out mass-produced greetings cards.

We hope that you have some lovely plans made with your loved one, or if you’re single then you’re out having fun with your mates!


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Beeeee my Valentine’s…