Purple Grape Catering Counter-Acts Diminishing Canteen Facilities

15 Dec

Purple Grape Catering Counter-Acts Diminishing Canteen Facilities | londonlaunch.com

Launch of new canteen service www.purplegrapecatering.co.uk Purple Grape the modish outside catering company that is beloved of the hip, the digital roundabouters and people who love to ‘give good party’ have come up with a solution for companies who lack a canteen by offering a bespoke canteen service for companies.

Premises rarely come with an in-house canteen these days and installing one is a mammoth task involving specialised equipment and a team of trained staff with experience that is outside an in-house HR’s scope. Purple Grape provides everything: a tailor made menu designed specifically for the type of company, its culture and the hours they keep plus all the staff and servicing. If you are a traditional company, such as a Merchant Bank, the type of meals people want to eat could differ enormously from a hipster 24/7 digital company based in Shoreditch. Purple Grape takes all this into account. Says Emily Gillan, MD of Purple Grape: “As caterers established since the beginning of 2009, we have become very adept at organising fabulous feasts in fields and other difficult environments. Overcoming obstacles is our second nature. Fifty percent of our expertise is in providing lip smacking food and perfect service; the other half is logistics.”

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According to Head Hunter, David Bloomfield, (MD of Laboremus Ltd), a staff canteen is a very attractive incentive to candidates and as part of an employee package significantly improves staff retention. “Eating ‘Al desko’ is simply bad for moral and performance”, he says.
Purple Grape takes all the worrying of installing a canteen away. Trained staff are supplied; they can create interesting and varied menus, hot or cold; they handle the organising entirely. If all you have is some office space, Purple Grape will come up with cost effective solutions and menu selections. Try Szechuan Peppered Roast Salmon with Lobster Noodles and Sesame Fried Vegetables; Salt cod and Prawn with Caribbean Rice and Black Bean Salad and Banana Ketchup; Flaky Pies with Creamy Mash, Mushy Peas and Gravy, Individual Pots of Sweet Potato and Aubergine Moussaka or Moroccan Meatballs with Chick Pea Cous Cous and Tzatziki.

Case Study
Purple Grape is expert at creating bespoke menus and adapting service styles to suit every operation. Leading edge marketing agency, Forward 3D met a problem when they moved offices.

Providing their army of always-starving young staff with plenty of nutritious food from breakfast onwards was a big corporate incentive. Unfortunately, when the fast growing company had to move to larger premises they were not allowed to install ovens. They needed to continue providing great food to fuel their employees in an oven free zone. Purple Grape came up with delicious menu suggestions and provided all the solutions needed to run the service. The result is that Forward 3D have continued to have a happy work force. With a client portfolio which includes corporation giants such as Google, Facebook and Mac cosmetics (as Purple Grape is used to catering for high profile events in the whole of the UK) it is the next step to expand their in-house catering operation. “Say goodbye to the dull work lunch” say Purple Grape.

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