Blooming Tasty…

27 May

Blooming Tasty…. Crudites


Flowers and Food is not a new trend with the gastronomy industry but more of an ongoing visual element that has consistently spanned around 10 years now but why….?

Well…. Flowers were an everyday ingredient back in the 16th & 17th Century but slowly faded out until the 21st where it started to be used to enhance the flavours of the ingredients and add a visual element for Michelin starred establishments and now through to everyday eateries and also bars!

We see florals used in many everyday cuisines…. Elderflower & Rosemary Fool, a Lavender Macaroon, Crystallised Rose Petals, Violet Cake. However, mostly flowers are used to take the presentation to another level and add a dimension to the food. And it really does lift the food up to your eyes adding to the whole experience.

Duck parfait profiteroles 2I think it’s important at this point to make it clear that one should not just pick up random blooms from the florist or the side of the road as some are quite poisonous…. Such as Foxgloves, charming to look at but will leave you feeling less than “blooming” marvellous! Yes, that was intentional!



Let’s look at the flavours of the flowers and some classic choices in the edible flower range:

  • Viola – offering a sweet, perfumed flavour and a lovely flat flower- a great drink garnish
  • Borage – A fab drink garnish as it tastes a little like cucumber and a burst of blue for some Visual happiness – add to an Elderflower Presse of a Gin based Cocktail.
  • Lavender – Sweet & Floral and a lovely note to serve on the sprig in your champagne flute.
  • Marigolds – Subtly bitter and Spicy and a wonderfully bright pop of colour to lift the food!
  • Cornflowers – The beautiful Blooms offer hardly any taste but are visually fabulous!
  • Nasturtium – A Deliciously Peppery Kick… This flower was created to bring a salad to life.

drink and flowerSo… why don’t you start introducing some edible flowers to your cuisine with your next gathering and really WOW your guests. Make sure you source them from your Green Grocers and then you know they’ll be fresh and pesticide free so they keep your eyes and tummy happy!

Get Creative and Enjoy! We’d love to see your edible flowers in action so tweet us a picture!Viola