Black Tie – It’s not just for James Bond

22 Oct

With the days speeding through October in all its autumn glory, now is when that magical time of year starts to build. When the air feels crisp and clean and you can snuggle back into your favourite cosy coat, like greeting an old friend. It’s the time of year that I think black tie events work best, when guests come into a beautifully decorated room out of the cold and are treated to some of the year’s most delicious seasonal foods (check out my blog on autumn and winter foods if you’d like some ideas).



There will of course be the sparkling champagne and canapé receptions and fun office bowl food parties, but what I am really looking forward to are the prestigious black tie gala events that we get to organise. With the release of the latest Bond film, there have already been requests to theme events in suite giving men (and women) the opportunity to channel their inner 007 – but it’s not all just for Bond and there are a whole variety of themes and settings that can be designed to make a black tie event unforgettable.


For instance we recently we provided a beautiful black tie dinner event for 300 people in the style of an underground dazzling speakeasy, complete with an Al Capone styled host ushering guests into the room. The main room was decorated in a black and white, art deco theming with glimmers of burnished candelabras illuminating the tables so that when the guests arrived (through the secret doorway and required to say the magic words for entry) it was as they had been taken back to the 1920’s and admitted into a highly glamorous speakeasy. The guests’ outfits provided the splashes of colour in satins and silks, whilst the colourful food we served (e.g. the main of Smoked Paprika crusted fillet of lamb with Manchego and apricot bread pudding, garlic tartan with a pea and mint ice cream) gleamed off the polished crockery and was a popular topic of conversation through-out the evening.


In the next coming months, we have some fantastic black tie dinners that we look forward to developing with our clients. From smaller intimate parties at the recently opened Icetank studios, near Shaftesbury avenue, (which we are very proud to work closely with), to the larger sit down gala dinners at some of the most beautiful venues we work with in and around London. Ranging from the sleek and white, e.g. Louise Blouin Foundation near Shepherd’s Bush, to the dark and mysterious, such as the Tobacco Docks in Shadwell, all providing a fantastic setting for our clients to don their finery and enjoy themselves (and our food) at their Christmas black tie parties. If you are looking for a venue for your Christmas party, do have a look at our venue page to see how we can help you.