Around the world in Christmas Cuisine

9 Jul


So July is in full swing and we pecan-pie1so are the Christmas previews….. It’s always a little surreal to be surrounded by Christmas trees and alpine quirkiness when its 25degrees outside and you’re dressed in short sleeves, bare legs and Sandals. However, it got me thinking about Christmas food…. Because that’s what I do.  Once I had finished fantasising over Pigs in Blankets, Crispy roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts and mince pies…. The thought of traditional Christmas cuisine from around the world came into my mind. I never need an excuse to research and try food so here are my findings….

Most Countries have very similar traditions with Christmas dinner, for example…. The focal point is a whole bird or animal of some kind. In the UK it’s a Turkey, Greece a Lamb Spit, South Africa enjoys Ostrich Steaks on the BBQ, Italy has whole pigs on the spit and Sweden go for whole hams….. Wow…. My mouth is watering!

There is always a mammoth amounts of side dishes to compliment the guest of honour. Everything from Vegetable platters to mountains of spuds and stuffing to Fresh summery salads to Lasagne in Italy to pickled herrings in Sweden and Foie Gras in France or you may like Fondue in Austria and a Spanakopita is enjoyed in Greece!

mince piesWhen researching the American traditions it was obvious that nothing is a no go…. This is what you call a feast of naughtiness…. Or Greedy treats as my husband and I call them! Ginger Bread Houses, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Doughnuts, Candy Canes, Buche de Noel… and all this is for after the main spread! There would be a serious food coma after that lot!

In Chile they celebrate with a traditional Christmas Cocktail called Ponche a la Romana, which is a Pineapple sorbet and Champagne float…. Erm YES PLEASE!

Our Sous Chef Ali is from Sardinia and I quizzed her about what she would enjoy on Christmas Day. Everything was her response. Basically, the Italians know how to do it. They drink and eat from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day and its all done around their big family table. It sounds amazing! Lots of meat and cheese, panettone and prosecco! Can I come next time Ali??

So this year I am going to be taking a new approach to Christmas dinner and incorporating something from each country…. It’s going to be EPIC!

Homemade Yule Log by Kate's Mum

Homemade Yule Log by Kate’s Mum