A Little Bit of Magic…

30 Jul

One of my closest friends got married recently and I was very honoured to be one of her bridesmaids. Both bride and groom are very good friends of mine so it was very special to stand up there with them whilst they shared one of the most important days of their lives. I’m still beaming with pride!

It got me to think about brides and grooms who are planning their weddings and don’t have a friend in the event industry to fall back on. How to decide who to go to for the catering, planning and organisation of the day? Who can they trust? Who has a good reputation? At the end of the day it is such a special day that it really is worth taking the time to speak to lots of people in the wedding industry, getting lots of ideas and then working out what suits you and your unique personalities.

It seems that more and more couples are finding that Purple Grape suits their personalities to a T and we’ve been busy providing some of the most sumptuous wedding breakfasts this season. I like to think couples come to us because of the following three reasons. Firstly, we are very friendly – lets face it, you’re not going to hire somebody who doesn’t smile to help plan your wedding. Seeing someone smile is reassuring and goes such a long way to set people at ease as it shows the we are confident in what we know and do.

Second, we offer advice but acknowledge that everyone is unique. Some couples come to us and have literally been bombarded by friends, relatives and wedding specialists telling them what would suit them, what’s fashionable, what’s ‘so you, darling!’ It leaves one frazzled as to what they actually want. So we strip that right back, and gleam little nuggets of information as to what the couple really like, to build a day that is entirely based on (surprise surprise) the bride and groom. After all, you’re not going to feel comfortable in Jimmy Choo’s if Hunters are more your thing, and the  same with food. Foie gras and oysters may be the ‘it’ food of opulent weddings but if you prefer lovely rustic food then fillet steak with portobello mushrooms and chunky chips followed by home-made sticky toffee pudding would be far more suitable (as a recent wedding client discovered, much to the enjoyment of their guests).

Finally, and I think this one is the most important – we listen. Be it from the initial phone call where someone is just tentatively finding out about us, to talking through with your dad his preferred method for cooking beef, we listen carefully to determine we totally understand what the couple want and how we can make this happen for them on their big day.

At a recent wedding celebration that we were honoured to be a part of, which actually took part in the client’s grounds, the wedding couple had explained to us that they wanted the wedding to resemble a Midsummer night’s dream. We provided them with a sumptuous feast of fantastical foods: parmesan baskets filled with wild leaves and edible flowers, morel custards served in duck egg shells, glittering macaroon lollipops sneaking out of flowerpots filled with beautiful flowers and leaves.  All the foods were dressed to look as if they had just been freshly plucked from Shakespeare’s romantic tale and there were gasps and oo’s all-round when the guests were presented with the unforgettable food. A perfect setting to showcase the bride and groom’s vision on their beautiful day.

After all, as Virginia Woolf claimed, ‘one cannot love well, think well or sleep well if one has not dined well.’ It’s a pleasure to make this statement a reality for all our clients (as well as friends who I get to help out in my spare time) by providing a wedding breakfast that will never be forgotten.