A healthy start to the year

10 Jan

Another year has begun and it’s at this time of year that we in the Purple Grape Office start to consider that we may have eaten one too many trifles of foie gras and brioche canapés or mince pie delights over December. (The chefs make them so delicious that it would have been rude not to.) Every mouthful was absolutely worth it but now we’d all like some lighter bites to nibble on to give our bodies a rest from quite so much gourmet food. We’ve have been discussing what good foods we’ve been enjoying so far…

For breakfast, I am taking inspiration from our press day breakfast bites and enjoying pro-biotic yoghurt sprinkled with granola and seasonal fruit. When you see the little yoghurt pots arranged so prettily for guests to help themselves to its easy to see why these go down so well as a light refreshing breakfast.

Cecilia has been taking ideas from our new to launch healthy delivery option, with mouth-watering plates filled with salads of flaked salmon, twisted pasta, avocado, and a variety of green herbs and leaves and squeeze of lemon. Whilst Emily has gone for a herbed grilled chicken accompanied by home-made galettes (little pancakes made with oat-bran, eggs and zero fat crème fraiche).

It’s not just in the office that we think about food but when we get home each of us still find ourselves thinking about what the chefs have been developing. For dinner, Laila has been making beautiful grilled zucchini wraps filled with artichoke, roasted pepper and tomatoes – inspired by the popular canapés that the chefs make for some of our events.

It just goes to show that good food doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure and can be enjoyed whilst feeling virtuous that you’re eating more healthily. Purple Grape have plenty more options that we can recommend for all sorts of occasions. From conferences to dinner parties, press days to soirees, give us a shout if you’re stuck and want delicious ideas that are healthy as well.