Archive | February, 2015

A peek behind closed blinds

24 Feb

I’ve come to the conclusion that those working in the events industry have several many privileges, but the one that I’m growing to love the most is the behind-the-scenes of London viewpoint. Ever wondered what your favourite gallery or venue looks like when it’s not dressed up and filled with people? No? Okay, to be […]

New delivery site lifts off

19 Feb

I thought I knew the finer points of finger food…but that was before we started designing our fabulous new delivery micro site. Suddenly the complexities of sandwich packing and Perspex platters became a new area of concern, and I’m sure I’ll never read a menu again without wondering how long it took to decide on […]

A swift change of scenery….

11 Feb

When a room or event space has been set up for a stunning dinner, it always seems such a shame to dismantle whatever’s been put in place as soon as the evening’s over. For this reason it’s always a joy when an event rolls over into the morning by way of breakfast. It means we […]

Dinner Party Prep

5 Feb

Want to know what goes on just before you turn up to a stylish dinner event? The answer: quite a lot. It was about a week ago now that I first arrived in the doorway of 15 Bateman Street’s gallery come event space. Comprising of four interconnecting rooms, this is a beautifully barefaced place. One […]

Too polite to be enthusiastic?

3 Feb

The Super Bowl got me thinking, not surprisingly, about all things American. I’ve never lived in America, and I’m in no way American, but I’ve been to a good cross section of American cities and I used to work for an American company. This, admittedly rather weak, research tells me that my favourite thing about […]