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2015 Trends: from the Lobster clawing its way back to the continuing success of the Honky Tonk…

26 Jan

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I chose the topic of this blog entry myself. It has, ultimately, provided an excuse to trawl through articles on 2015’s hot picks in food, which is what I do in my spare time anyway. It’s for this reason that I feel confident in saying I’ve done sufficient research […]

Part deux…

22 Jan

My first event as part of team Purple Grape has been and gone so I’m back in the office and back to my desk. Sadly I forgot to reset my alarm so I actually woke up at exactly the same earlier time as yesterday. No bad thing – I’m now more up to date with […]

Lucy’s first Event…..

22 Jan

It’s Wednesday 21st January, it’s cold freezing outside and today marks my first event as part of team Purple Grape. Rather appropriately it’s being held at a venue called Ice Tank and I arrive excited having seen pictures of the venue in advance. You could describe it as a chic blank canvas. I briefly consider […]

2015 is the Singaporean year!

20 Jan

I should start by admitting that despite a long held desire to visit Singapore, I’m yet to actually achieve this wish.  I guess the main reason for this is that I constantly seem to have at least one friend who is ‘on the verge’ of making the move over there for a few years. Given […]