2015 Trends: from the Lobster clawing its way back to the continuing success of the Honky Tonk…

26 Jan

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I chose the topic of this blog entry myself. It has, ultimately, provided an excuse to trawl through articles on 2015’s hot picks in food, which is what I do in my spare time anyway. It’s for this reason that I feel confident in saying I’ve done sufficient research on the area. I’ve even gone to the trouble of doing some taste testing too. Tough gig. I hope you appreciate my hardship.


First up, and the reason behind me eating an amount of pulled pork I’d rather not specify further, is the continuing trend for Deep South American food. 2014 saw success for several many restaurants following this theme, and the desire for BBQ’d meaty deliciousness shows no sign of let up. Expect Texan ribs and finger lickin’ chicken wings to stay on your plate well into the latter part of this year. Hurrah!


lobsterNow moving on to a recent bedfellow of the above trend: lobster. While 2014 saw a favouring of lobster shack – esque outlets, 2015 sees this beautiful crustacean dust off its bow tie and top hat for a revival of its former, posher, self. The great news is that the general increase in lobster popularity is driving prices down, so even those with a more minimalist look to their bank balance can tuck in. What jolly delightful news.


The next trend isn’t so much a specific food but instead a move towards being more specific in general. That means one restaurant or menu focusing on one ingredient or food item. Arguably the purest way of offering up excellence, this requires both skill and creativity from the chef. At today’s event the Purple Grape team are serving up a celebration of the apple. This includes a starter of apple cider cured salmon, a main of succulent chicken with a savoury apple and calvados side, and a final flourish with an apple barley pudding parfait. See, so very bang on trend!

 kebab 2

Kebabs. Once a sensation saved only for the wee hours, and those who’d seen the bottom of numerous pint glasses, this fella is upping his game. And looking pretty fly in the process. We’ve witnessed a procession of traditionally fast foods go gourmet following the humble burger’s makeover, and by the looks of it the kebab is next up to the beauty counter. I’m okay with that, but I recommend serving with a couple of glasses of red wine anyway. Well, I’d be rude to break too far from tradition.


Now – this final trend is not one I’m backing personally, and I’ll be something more than surprised if this does actually take off, but since I’ve read it so many times I mention it so you can make up your own mind. Lithuanian food. Yes, really. Forecasters are predicting that Lithuania’s arrival in the Eurozone will result in an outcry for potato sausages and cold beetroot soup. Like I said, I’ve leave you to your own thoughts on this one, but if you need me I’ll be in the lobster restaurant next door. beetroot








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