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The Commonwealth Games 2014

31 Jul

The Commonwealth Games 2014   So we are currently day 8 into the 20th Commonwealth Games, this year held in the lovely city of Glasgow, Scotland. Have you been watching it? My favourite is the swimming…. I am a very keen swimmer and as a 10 year was competing at county level. I get very […]

The Ice Cream Sundae

25 Jul

The Ice Cream Sundae What could be more relevant to blog about today than the wonderful Ice Cream Sundae. After having the longest EVER British summer of 3 weeks it’s surely worth talking about our trusty summer treat! Today is also National Hot fudge Ice Cream Sundae day so double reasons for my little blog […]

Who doesn’t love eggs?

18 Jul

I LOVE EGGS…. Seriously I do! I eat eggs every day without a doubt, mostly for breakfast but I don’t rule out any time of day for a quick egg snack. I think it’s necessary that we all know a little history about the wonderful egg and there is a lot to know so I […]

14th July Bastille Day

14 Jul

Bastille Day 14th July After spending 5 winter seasons in the French Alpes, I am always genuinely interested in France and it’s traditions. Today the French are celebrating Bastille Day and I know where I’d like to be on a day like today. Bastille Day is the name given in English speaking countries to the French […]

Independence Day

4 Jul

On Monday 16th June the Purple Grape team was joined by our Summer marketing intern Cat who has joined us from New York whilst she is on summer vacation. Cat has settled into our team fabulously and it is a real shame that she will only be with us for 6 weeks. Anyway…. in respect […]