10 Christmas Party Musts…

2 Dec

10 Christmas Party Musts…


1)Venue …. Location Location Location…. Unless you are providing transport for your guests the location is going to be the make or break as to whether your whole guest list turns up on the night!

2)Catering is key…..A great caterer and selection of food to fill those boozy tums will be the talk of the party…. If your guests are left unsatisfied with empty bellies they’ll be 1) DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK 2) grumpy from hunger


3)Value for money …..Are your guests paying for a ticket to the Christmas Bash? Would you be happy with what that ticket price includes?

4)BOOZE BOOZE BOOZE…. Whether you’re offering an inclusive night for your guests or a limited supply of free booze…. Make sure there is a good selection to satisfy everyone’s preference.

5)Timings….. Does the start time leave your guests enough time to get there from work with time for glamming up etc? Does the finish time leave the guests wanting more but not the venue, that you’ve paid loads of money for empty, for the last hour with staff standing around do nothing!


6)Non Alcoholic Drinks….. Some people just don’t drink alcohol. It doesn’t mean they don’t want a nice selection of drinks to choose from. Still, Sparkling water with 1 other option just isn’t adequate. Try a non-alcoholic cocktail like a virgin Mojito or an Orange & Cranberry Fizz.

7)Notice ….. have your guests had plenty of time to make arrangements to be able to attend. Childcare etc can be a nightmare at this time of year.

8)Entertainment….. is it necessary….. is it actually entertaining? This is something that you need to spend money on. Bad entertainment is embarrassing. If you don’t have the budget…. Don’t bother and spend the money on additional food or an extra free drink. Your guests will thank you for it.

9)Fancy Dress …. This can either go 1 of 2 ways. People love them and get really involved and go all out OR this will be the most epic flop of all time. KNOW YOUR CROWD!

10)Feedback….. Ask your guests what their feedback about the Christmas party – make sure it can be anonymous so they don’t feel under pressure to say it was amazing when maybe there are areas to improve for next year.

mince pies Happy December to one and all and wishing you a wonderful Christmas Party season!